The Weather in Loipersdorf

Temperature: 4C/39F
Sunshine: 80%
Frost line: 2500 m
Temperature: 14C/57F
Sunshine: 90%
Frost line: 3000 m
Temperature: 10C/50F
Sunshine: 60%
Frost line: 2400 m
The day after tomorrow:
Temperature: 4C/39F
Sunshine: 20%
Frost line: 1400 m

Weather forecast:

When looking at the current weather maps, one tends to think that our weather is in the wrong season! It resembles more that of October than that of December! We can look forward to persistant sunshine and clear views.

Weather trend:

Thanks to the dry west wind, we will once again get several hours of sunshine and mild temperatures on Tuesday. The weather will then stay changeable and it will cool down!
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