The Weather in Loipersdorf

Temperature: 16C/61F
Sunshine: 50%
Frost line: 3600 m
Temperature: 23C/73F
Sunshine: 30%
Frost line: 3500 m
Temperature: 22C/72F
Sunshine: 30%
Frost line: 3400 m
The day after tomorrow:
Temperature: 14C/57F
Sunshine: 50%
Frost line: 2400 m

Weather forecast:

The morning will only see few clouds, but from midday they will thicken. In the evening, the foehn will die and locally heavy showers and thunderstorms will form.

Weather trend:

Sunday won’t bring any significant changes yet. Monday will bring thick cloud and showers.
Sonnensauna Neu

Sonnensauna Neu!

Inspiriert von den Elementen Feuer und Erde wurde mit der Sonnensauna ein ganz besonderer Glcksort geschaffen.

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