The Weather in Loipersdorf

Temperature: 3C/37F
Sunshine: 30%
Frost line: 1000 m
Temperature: 8C/46F
Sunshine: 40%
Frost line: 1600 m
Temperature: 10C/50F
Sunshine: 50%
Frost line: 2200 m
The day after tomorrow:
Temperature: 13C/55F
Sunshine: 60%
Frost line: 3300 m

Weather forecast:

Under the large system of low pressure over Central Europe we will continue to be influenced by humid air. Such weather conditions will hardly make us jump for joy of course: the weather will be changeable with temporary clear spells and periods of thick cloud. There may also be occasional showers. Temperatures will remain cold for the time of year.

Weather trend:

We shall look forward to a few nice and rather mild days.
Sonnensauna Neu

Sonnensauna Neu!

Inspiriert von den Elementen Feuer und Erde wurde mit der Sonnensauna ein ganz besonderer Glcksort geschaffen.

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