The Weather in Loipersdorf

Temperature: 6C/43F
Sunshine: 50%
Frost line: 2300 m
Temperature: 13C/55F
Sunshine: 40%
Frost line: 2800 m
Temperature: 7C/45F
Sunshine: 30%
Frost line: 1700 m
The day after tomorrow:
Temperature: 6C/43F
Sunshine: 30%
Frost line: 1300 m

Weather forecast:

Mild air masses keep pushing in, at times they are humid, and at other times they are dry. On Friday, dry air is influencing our weather with variable amounts of cloud but also clear spells and no precipitation. It will be quite warm for the season.

Weather trend:

Saturday will temporarily bring unstable weather. The clouds and showers will slightly increase and temperatures will drop. On Sunday the weather will calm down a little, but we should not count on much sunshine.
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