The Weather in Loipersdorf

Temperature: 1C/34F
Sunshine: 60%
Frost line: 700 m
Temperature: 8C/46F
Sunshine: 50%
Frost line: 1800 m
Temperature: 7C/45F
Sunshine: 30%
Frost line: 1900 m
The day after tomorrow:
Temperature: 6C/43F
Sunshine: 30%
Frost line: 1800 m

Weather forecast:

A weak area of high pressure will bring a bright start to the day. This high is not very stable, however, and this is why a warm front will move into our region during the day. The morning will still be quite nice, but after midday the clouds will increase and give way to showers in the afternoon.

Weather trend:

On Monday, a new low will pass over our region bringing unsettled weather. The bad weather will not persist, however. A high will build over Central Europe as early as Tuesday.
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